Why Duct Sealing Makes Cents

Why Duct Sealing Makes Cents

When you’re looking to cool your house this summer, having ductwork that circulates and distributes your conditioned air efficiently will help you save money on your energy bills and make your home feel more consistently comfortable throughout. The federal Energy Star program has estimated that up to 20 percent of the conditioned air produced by a typical HVAC system is lost due to poor connections between ducts, leaks and holes in ductwork. With proper duct sealing, this energy loss can be greatly reduced, saving you money on your energy bills.

Duct Sealing Improves Efficiency and Comfort

Along with duct sealing providing an increased level of energy efficiency in your Brandon or Riverview area home, the comfort level also will increase. When ducts are properly sealed, the conditioned air will be directed toward the living space of your home, instead of lost in the insulated walls and attic. It makes no sense to run your air conditioner at your desired temperature only to have the conditioned air lost through improperly sealed ducts before it even reaches your living space.

Duct Sealing Boosts Indoor Air Quality

Having properly sealed ducts also will help with indoor air quality (IAQ). Properly sealed ducts will remain clear of contaminants much longer than ducts with leaks and holes. Seams that are improperly sealed may allow in allergens, dust and even mold that can adversely impact indoor air quality. Consider scheduling a general duct inspection at the same time that you are having your duct sealing work done, to determine if your ducts need a periodic cleaning.

Insulation: Duct Sealing’s Back-Up

It’s also important to make sure that ducts in unconditioned spaces are insulated, since the thin metal walls of ducts can allow heat transfer into and out of the ductwork. This can be done at the same time you have a qualified technician help with duct sealing. Make sure that any ducts in the attic are not only properly sealed, but properly insulated so all of the conditioned air in the ductwork remains at the set temperature.

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