How Does IAQ in Your Plant City Home Affect the HVAC System?


When you think of indoor air quality in your Plant City home, do you think of seasonal allergens, dust, germs, and the relentless mold and mildew growth prevalent in our region? According to air quality and energy experts, you may also want to think about how indoor air quality affects the HVAC system. Here’s why.

How Indoor Air Quality Affects the HVAC System

The typical forced-air HVAC system consists of ductwork for air distribution, an air filter to trap airborne contaminants, and a heat pump, air conditioner and/or furnace for home cooling and heating. During peak usage, air and the contaminants suspended in the air are cycled through the HVAC system many times. A quality air filter captures the majority of contaminants. Many contaminants, however, may flow through or around an inferior or clogged filter. Following points spell out the effects:

  • Debris, dirt, mold spores and other contaminants stick to the evaporator coil like glue. Even a thin accumulation of debris blocks cooling and heating efficiency, which exerts more wear on the air handler and requires substantially more electricity to cool and heat the home.
  • Debris also sticks to the air ducts. In problematic cases, debris dislodges and enters the living spaces, creating health concerns for occupants.
  • With indoor and outdoor humidity always an issue in our region, condensation on the evaporator and duct walls invites mold and mildew growth, which further hinders cooling and heating efforts, and exudes musty and foul odors through the home.

HVAC System Maintenance

The most effective tools you can use to boost indoor air quality, maintain HVAC efficiency and keep a lid on high energy bills are annual HVAC maintenance and regular air filter changes. Ensuring components are cleaned and contaminant-free each year improves indoor air quality and HVAC performance. If occupants in your home are sensitive to allergens and contaminants that inflame respiratory ailments, you may wish to consider a whole-home air purification system.

To learn more about how indoor air quality affects the HVAC system, the pocketbook, home and health, please contact us at Gulf Coast Air Systems. We serve Brandon and the surrounding communities.

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