Tackle Fall Maintenance in Your Home With This To-Do List

Tackle Fall Maintenance in Your Home With This To-Do List

If better home system performance with lower energy bills sounds like a comforting proposition, achieve your home efficiency goals the simple way with this fall maintenance checklist. You’ll be prepared for stormy weather, the heating months and you may even take advantage of seasonal specials.

Fall Maintenance

The goals of fall maintenance are to tighten up your home where energy is being wasted, ensure systems are operating at maximum efficiency and perform a little preventive house cleaning, inside and out, to head off any issues that could become worse, such as leaky gutters and rattling air ducts.

  • Sealing: Use foam weatherstripping and caulk to seal air leaks around the attic hatch, doors and windows. A smoke pencil can detect air leaks in these areas. Expanding spray-foam sealant is superb for filling large holes in the home shell in and around stucco, siding and piping.
  • Insulation: Attic insulation should be installed to R-49 to R-60, which is about 15 to 19 inches. Check the insulation for mold and mildew and replace damaged insulation.
  • Home interior: Vacuum the dryer vent and air-supply outlets for better efficiency. Make sure furnishings and curtains do not block air supply. Clean ceiling fans of debris.
  • Home exterior: Gutters are important for a healthy roof and foundation. To prevent standing water at the roof line and yard, gutters and spouts should be leak-free and clear.
  • Heating and cooling: If you didn’t schedule professional HVAC maintenance last spring, now’s the time to do it to ensure efficient heat pump operation. Also, inspect the air ducts for leaks and adequate insulation. Use a high-quality HVAC air filter to protect the heat pump, air ducts and indoor air quality from mold, debris accumulation, virus carriers, allergens and more.
  • Home preparedness: The arrival of fall means storm season in our region. Make sure you’re well supplied with flashlights, batteries, extra bottled water, and canned and dry foods. Give your generator a test run.

For more details about fall home maintenance tips in your Brandon area home, please contact Gulf Coast Air Systems.

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